Google Now- Matching and Delivery of Information With Time Like Never Before

March 20, 2014, admin

‘Just the right information at just the right time’- this is the message which you will see on the landing page of Google Now. Google Now was distinctly a possibility with Google being the repository of real-time and non-real time data for a number of items and the only thing that remained to do was to pass on this information to the users through its devices. And, to top it all, this is the information which is of real good use to the end-users. Google Now is an application which automatically shares data related to weather, traffic routes, flights, appointments and plethora of other events happening around you and which might be of use to you.

The purpose of this application is to enable the users to get information they want at the right time so that suitable actions can be taken well in time in the light of the new information. These might be related to weather conditions, flight schedules, hotel reservations, news updates, birthday reminders, time reminders, movies, concerts, books, video games, public transport related information, places close by, currencies, events happening close to where you are and a wide array of other information.

Google Now categorizes these bits of information which is centered around ‘you’ broadly into three categories. These are ‘Manage your Day’, ‘Stay Connected’ and ‘Be a Local’. The categorization has been done carefully with a complete understanding of what you might need. You might need to manage your day with timely reminders of schedules and appointments. Similarly, you might want to remain connected with current updates such as warning for natural hazards, concerts, launch of new books and other bits of information. Finally, you might also want to get local information such as weather of the place, the currency and exchange rates, translations into native language, attractions close by to your location, availability of public transport, etc. Google Now calls these bits of information categories as cards.

Google Now is available for download on Android and iOS operating systems. And, though the information feed is automatically delivered, it is you who selects what is required and what is not. Installing this application on mobiles ( or Moto 360 watch now) means that you will have to compromise on your data privacy since it makes use of your phone usage data to check historical trends of usage, your current location and to provide you the right information based on what you might want at a particular location.

It is a novel attempt to further simplify the information feed which you might want from time to time in order to organize your day well and utilize time productively.

Its Not Just In Mobiles Anymore, Find Android In Watches Now!

March 20, 2014, admin

This is a type of convergence which the people might be willing to embrace (or rather, wear). Now, you will have one more reason to buy a good watch from this summer. Android will soon be the base for operating a range of mobile applications on wearable products like watches. Moto 360, the new age watch which Google has developed will come with the benefits of mobile technology and a range of applications which will be of use to the end user. While it is true that the mobiles will be carried by the people, it is Google’s desire for making use of mobile technology to new products which is driving the research into these products which are commonly worn by the people.

So, what does Google want to achieve with this new product, a watch branded as Moto 360? As per Google’s official blog, the rationale for these products lies in the following 4 wants of the user:

1. Using information right at the time when it is needed the most: The information which you need instantaneously is something which you will find on watch immediately. So, the ones who like to remain connected and want crucial information such as updates of posts and news, weather, discounts of shopping and other such information will now get it immediately, through their watches.

2. Get Answers To Questions You Speak: “Ok google” is what you have to say in order to begin putting up your questions to the watch and get answers for the same. Not only will you be able to get the answers but will also be able to launch action through the mobile platform, using the watches. For example, you can speak to call a taxi, or to send a message in text format, setting up an alarm or fixing an appointment or making a booking at the restaurant.

3. Monitoring health: There are applications available for installing on mobile which can provide information related to your health such as the real time data on calories burnt, speed, distance etc. With a watch on hand, this information can be seen with ease and as and when you desire.

4. Make your watch act as a control centre for other devices. This is another possibility which can be ventured into using the Android watches. You would be able to play the music from the favorite playlist by saying “Ok, Google”. The same can also be used for playing your favorite movie on TV.

It is not that Google is the sole player in this field where the mobile and internet technologies are being extended to wearables.Samsung has its own SDK for Tizen software. Similarly, the different watch-makers would be coming up with their own software products to meet requirement of different sizes and models of watches. However, with Android as a base level Operating System, there can not be a better bet to develop customizations as per watch models.


Which Website Designs Will Set Like Hot Cakes in 2014?

March 9, 2014, admin

Can anyone make a guess on what will sell hot in 2014? Going by the trend that has increasingly been adopted in 2013, you can definitely make some safe guesses. However, there might be some elements which are dark horses. We have made a list of some of these elements of website designing which the world is likely to follow. These are:


1. Responsive: This is the biggest trendsetter of 2013 and is not going to fade away anytime sooner, either in 2014 or in later years. Responsive design enables one to have website crafted as per the device used to browse it. There is no need to develop a separate mobile website and put up a separate team for it. Moreover, there is a good scope to keep the site SEO-friendly as well.


2. Parallax: While scrolling down a webpage, you can actually make background images move at a different speed than the foreground images and this is what makes visual impact on visitors. While there are different opinions on actual benefit of having a website developed on this UX, it is certainly a trend which people would like to experiment with and explore in 2014 and try to remove its perceived shortcomings.


3. Long Scroll: If you can develop the content of a webpage in such a way which is logical and practical and it binds the interest of visitors, then long scroll is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. People like to read through the information on the same page and do not mind scrolling down provided the content is produced in an interesting manner. People are generally averse to clicking on other pages and would prefer staying on the same page. This visitor behaviour has been the reason for increasing use of long scroll. The only caution that needs to be exercised is that the content shall not make a person boring and it shall not be endlessly long.


4. Keep it simple: There is an increasing trend to reduce complexity in design. Whether it is the usage of colours, font styles, text, images or videos, there is a trend to reduce the clutter on every webpage and doing away with the tendencies to incorporate too many things on a page. Better site and content organization, smooth navigation and use of design elements can make it possible to have a simple but highly effective website.


5. Emotional design: An emotional design is something which attempts to appeal to the emotions of people. There is very thoughtful use of graphic design and imagery for this purpose which is based on some theme and touches the heart of people straightaway. While images are used in normal design as well, the difference with emotional design is its ability to appeal to its visitors by invoking positive emotions in them such as joy, pleasure, attention, exclusivity, expectation, etc.


4 Criterion Which Google Uses to Check Paid links

March 9, 2014, admin

What is of value to the SEO service providers is the ‘follow’ links from some high PR site so that the page rank of their own site gets enhanced. This is an age old practice which the SEO providers still use in order to gain quick rankings. Google has been against this practice since most of the time the links are bought from websites and this is against its policies. A question which has bewildered SEO practitioners is how does Google judge whether a link is paid or not? Some light is shed on this aspect of link building by Matt Cutts.


Disproportion in value of items exchanged between two websites is something which makes Google cautious. If something extraordinary is happening between two sites, which is out of the way in terms of value between the sites, then Google will become suspicious. How exactly does Google determine this ‘value’ has been left for speculation?

Loan Or Gift Cases

Whether the link has been given temporarily and will be withdrawn after a certain period of time or the link has been given for a permanent basis is something which also forms part of Google’s consideration? How does Google evaluate whether the link has been given as a loan or a gift is again left for speculation? However, he does makes it clear that the loan situations are understandable and might escape web spam penalties than the gift situations which would attract these. For example, it makes more sense for a product company to loan out their products to some reviewers so as to form an opinion about it

Intended Audience and Intent

Google says that it also looks at the intent behind the links. It invariably looks at whether the intent is to make some material gains from the posts which is actually done to distort the facts in favor of the giver. However, how does Google determine that intent is not clear. More importantly, what is not clear is how does it make into an algorithm which would affect the ranks. If the links from unintended audience are coming then it might become difficult for the site to rank. Relevancy factor plays a big role in this respect.

Surprise or Expectation

Another important factor from which Google judges whether the links are paid or not is whether the consideration for link is a surprise gift or expectation. If the consideration is a surprise gift, then it will not be counted as paid but if the link giver is asking for consideration for favorable returns then that is unethical practice and Google might punish this expectation.

While Matts has given examples explaining these 4 points, exactly how will Google be able to do it and with what level of accuracy remains a question mark. However, these points do provide an insight into how it does its evaluations for paid or non-paid links.

Elements of Web Design to play around

February 22, 2014, admin



It is said that successful people do not do different things, they do things differently. I was wondering what is it that the successful web design Delhi companies would do to make a difference when, broadly speaking, the elements of website design are same. While the designers work towards creating better user experiences, they make use of the same set of elements for this purpose. Irrespective of their location, these elements are used for creating varied user experiences. What are these basic elements which are the foundation stones of any website design?


1. Text (style and formatting): The varied styles of writing the text, including the different ways of formatting are intended to serve a basic purpose of making visitors to read what is written clearly and persuasively.


2. Pictorial elements: (graphic design, images, photos, videos, slideshares, maps, graphs and other infographics). A picture is worth a thousand words. It is left to the discretion of the designers to make use of pictorial elements to make the visitors understand what is required. These serve the objectives of making the site attractive, look meaningful and add to the ease of comprehension. Professional website design companies in Delhi ensure that the message to be conveyed is done using the correct and the most effective methods.


3. Structural Layout: How is a particular page going to look like? What are the different elements and functions that have to be present on that page. In how many and what size of compartments is a particular page going to be divided? All this is also one of the tasks of the website designer. The layout of the page is decided on the basis of the overall look and feel which is to be provided to the users.


4. Placement: The placement of different elements on a particular page is of immense importance. Correct placement will ensure that there is a good conversion rate. It will also help in achieving the objectives of the site.


5. Navigation: Navigation is all about how you would want your visitors to move between the pages. This is directly related to the organization of content throughout the site. Navigation has to be smooth and logical, without any broken linkages. A good navigation system would ensure that the visitors reaches the different parts of the site within a few clicks. Bad navigation is one of the prime reasons for poor retention rate of the site.


6. Display methods: The methods of displaying the content on the site refers to the use of animated or non-animated, scrolling or non-scrolling, etc. The aim is yet again to make the visitors be attracted towards the site and to explore it.

20 hottest web design trends in 2013

December 17, 2013, admin

Web design – like all forms of art is subject to trends. In this modern time people use the variety of modern technology devices to access web content than it has ever been before. Another increasingly popular approach is building a website; a single page website with the trend of big and informative pictures, typography text, and adds motion to the website.


Explore YouTube’s latest gift to get more fans – YouTube Fan finder

November 29, 2013, admin

FanFinderInternet users across the world know Google and YouTube as the ABC of the world of web. After Google, YouTube is the most visited search engine and its reach can be estimated by fact that YouTube witnesses upload of approx.  40 hours of video every minute.


What is fascinating is not only how easy it is to simply upload your video for everyone to explore and enjoy but also the potential YouTube offers to make money if you are able to find enough fans or views. And there are some intelligent ways to get organic traffic on the site even if you haven’t spent huge amount to make the video professionally- what you really need is relevant and interesting content. Some tricks that work best are choosing video title cleverly by checking the most searched phrases on YouTube or Google, right keywords used in the video description and name of video file, adding captions in the video etc. And to add to the list, YouTube recently launched an interesting feature ‘YouTube Fan finder’ which we will talk about.


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Universally accepted concepts of web design

November 2, 2013, admin

concept-of-web-designWeb design is one of those areas which has seen quick flow and ready acceptance of the new ideas globally. Such has been the influence of some of the website designing concepts universally that these have become sort of standards. These are the concepts which are unlikely to change in the very near future. Almost all of these have a direct impact on the user behaviour which has become accustomed to seeing and using these for a number of years. What are these commonly acceptable concepts of design? Continue reading “Universally accepted concepts of web design” »

SEO Delhi is now more of social media branding For SEO Company Delhi

October 31, 2013, admin

For the people who used to be the ardent followers of search engine optimization and used it for building the links from wherever they possibly can, the game has changed a lot. If they have not followed the suit, they might already be suffering. There have been some far reaching changes in this field, out of which the following are the most noteworthy. Continue reading “SEO Delhi is now more of social media branding For SEO Company Delhi” »

Top Reasons Why Website Design Company Delhi Shall Have An Online Portfolio

October 29, 2013, admin

It does not take a lot of understanding of human behaviour to know what have been your achievements before your clients entrust you with their work. People would like to verify and be satisfied with your works before they assign you with their own. For this reason of getting more work, there is a need for the website designing companies to develop their online portfolios so that the visitors can check for themselves what have been your achievements. Continue reading “Top Reasons Why Website Design Company Delhi Shall Have An Online Portfolio” »