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Writing articles on Wikipedia is different from any other writing task. Wikipedia's complex rules about its content and references make the participation of experts with experience in writing and editing content important.

Writers who rely instead on their writing skills for public relations, advertising, journalistic, academic or legal writing, often find writing in Wikipedia frustrating and fail to achieve their goals. Hire the most experienced and highly educated Wikipedia Content Writer experts.

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The most profound difference is that Wikipedia's writing is "crowd writing" instead of individual writing. While in the writing of a press release, the text of an advertisement, a newspaper article, a research paper or a legal writing, the writer has total control over the content, such control is absent in the wording of Wikipedia. In fact, after the publication of material that is not written according to the Wikipedia style, the result of a page may have nothing in common with the text originally presented by the writer. That's why it's important to do things right the first time.

For example, when a PR professional publishes a press release as a profile of his client, it is likely to be eliminated quickly due to lack of adequate references of presentation and samples of notables, and for not complying with the neutral point of view required in Wikipedia. The Wikipedia community can even search for additional information about the company and create a profile based on articles from critical media in your organization. Basically, improperly adding content to Wikipedia will damage your business.

Many Wikipedia entries are the result of hundreds of editions made over time by dozens of contributors. This way of shaping the content is also confusing for writers who are accustomed to thinking in terms of "writing an article."

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Come to the one of the best known brands in the market and let your Wikipedia page is in the best form. Our Wikipedia Content Writer specialists have extensive experience in editing Wikipedia content and can anticipate the likely reaction of the community. As part of the Wikipedia community, we "lead by example", confidentially representing our clients in a way that the community can adopt.

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LNot all companies or topics meet the Wikipedia criteria for eligibility. Wikipedia has many policies and guidelines on encyclopedic content. These facts require verifiability, neutrality, special rules for the biographies of living people, and more. To check if your company or topic meets the Wikipedia criteria, complete our free consultation form.

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For non-experts, it is difficult and it takes time to learn all the requirements and the technical jargon for the development of an article that would be located above a stub or start. We know the style of writing Wikipedia, the specifications of format, content inclusion criteria and other standards, written and unwritten, which govern the main source of reference worldwide.

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It’s not that easy to update or modify your Wikipedia content that easily and that is why, our Wikipedia Content Writer can do it for you, enhancing your online reputation from cyber-vandals.

Your Wikipedia profile:
  • It can influence more people than your website
  • Your site is almost always among the top results of Google search
  • You can facilitate your business, if it is well written
  • It must comply with a very complex set of rules
  • It must be protected from cyber-vandals

You cannot leave in the hands of strangers, or even worse of the competition, the edition of your Wikipedia profile.

Wikipedia Writers can lead to immediate facts

Increase the visibility and credibility of your company, brand or product by creating or improving your presence in Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the largest research tool and the most used in the world. It has more traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and almost all social networks. Wikipedia links appear on the first page of Google search results 60% of the time. Your online strategy is incomplete without Wikipedia.

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  • Writing of articles made by an expert, respecting all the standards of Wikipedia
  • Translation to all the languages used in Wikipedia
  • Monitoring of articles and immediate repair of the article when necessary
  • Writing articles on Wikipedia is not comparable to other writing assignments. Strict Wikipedia rules on its content and references need experienced experts to enable you to get what you need.

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No one can change their Wikipedia profile. Thus, you must monitor elements that relate to your brand and your products. Wikipedia Services handles such tasks for you and thus, creating a great impression. Not all topics or brands meet the eligibility criteria set up by Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a large number of policies and guidelines on encyclopedic content. These standards require neutrality, verifiability, special rules and protocols for biographies of living people and company details.

Wikipedia Page creation cost
The cost of each Wikipedia page creation varies as per the length of the content, research and linking involved. But one thing that we assure you of is that we will bring the most affordable packages and reliable services to our customers. Each of the projects we handle complies fully with the customer requirements and their budget.

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