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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

We all know that having a strong hold on Social Media can provide better Marketing Opportunities to expand your business. Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have become a great marketing place for customers spread across the world. Since these sites are also serving as platforms where you can get information and opinion over Brand and Products, these sites can also be used to increase your brand awareness and promote existing or new products.

How our Social Media Marketing Helps your Business?

Enhanced Brand Awareness

We as a Social Media Agency in Delhi have a Social Media Strategy of making your brand more engaging and appealing among a wider set of customer which will increase your brand awareness.

More Social Traffic

By marketing your products on social media, we fill the gap between you and your customers. Every post that we create on Social Media Platforms for your brand works as a traffic gateway to your website.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

As reports suggest almost 60% of businesses which have been using Social Media sites for more than 6 months get significant improvement on Search Engine Ranking for their targeted keywords.

Higher Conversion Rates

Since we will make your brand or products more visible and popular on Social Platforms, it will generate Quality Leads for your business and hence increase your conversion rates.

Improved Brand Loyalty

Brands involved on social media platforms get high reliability from customers. Our strategies and plans could prove influential in turning movable consumers into being brand loyal.

Guaranteed Result

With our expertise, you can get confidence that your Social Media Marketing campaign is in right hands. We are a trained and educated team that understands the Social Media very well.


Your trust is very important for us. We consider transparency makes relation to flourish. Your involvement assures us that we are working in the right direction.

How does e-Definers Technology do the job for you?

  • Creativity- By creating and posting engaging and creative posts that will surely draw attention of users.
  • Research- By researching on latest market trends and using specialized tools that your customers are talking about.
  • Advertisement- By creating innovative and unique advertising campaign on various Social Media Platforms.
  • Careful Planning- It takes times and detailed research to get desired results. Our experts will first examine your business, read feedback and then plan a completely personalized social media marketing strategies.
  • Creating Right Networks- Your business is important. We will find out the specific blend of networks, applications and strategies performed in an ongoing social media campaign to leverage.
  • Getting Real Results- Our social media marketing campaigns increase awareness about your brand, build positive relations to your customers and lead to traffic and leads.
Our Proven Strategies for Different Social Media Platforms

We do more than just sharing and updating posts. We have our own different sets of proven strategies for each Social Media


Facebook being the most used social media site is one of the most popular Social Media Marketing Platform. We use it to post your products, share your web page links, increase customer interaction and run effective ad campaigns.


We use Twitter as a promotional site to promote your brands or products. We consistently tweet and re-tweet about your product and run Ad Campaigns to target your audience and increase brand awareness.


Google+ is Social Media Site by Google and hence it is very important to promote your product on it if you want Google to notice your website. We use it to share your products or services in relevant community on a daily basis and try to join as much relevant community as possible.


LinkedIn is a very popular social media site. It provides a great platform to find customers and professionals related to your business. Edtech uses it for constant interaction with your business followers for enhancing brand appearance.

Why Choose e-Definers Technology for Social Media Marketing?

e-Definers Technology has experienced and skilled Social Media Marketing Experts who use these platforms to a great effect and help your brand become more recognized and reach a wider set of customers. We are committed to delivering the most effective Social Media Marketing Services without compromising on quality so that you get more traffic to your website as well as more sales conversion. We offer the best and affordable Social Media Packages among our competitors.

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