Open Cart E-Commerce Development

Opencart is a form of Content Management System (CSM) which is developed shopping cart solution. This open source shopping cart solution enables you to make your online business search engine friendly with a welcoming user interface. In layman's language, OpenCart enables a user to create and manage a website. OpenCart relies on 3rd party service providers for various functionalities such as hosting, content managing, marketing, designing and so on.

Why choose OpenCart?

In today's digital era there are a number of shopping carts that are equipped with a wide range of functional capabilities. In such a situation, which one is right for your business and can ensure a highly satisfying user experience. Let us look at some of the reasons that make OpenCart a suitable choice.

  • OpenCart is extremely popular for its high level of functionality. OpenCart allows the user to participate in e-commerce in a cost effective way, as it is available free of cost. This can be used on any server with MySQL and PHP running on it.
  • OpenCart is remarkable as it does not take long to configure a store with the help of this platform. Along with simple installation, OpenCart possesses user-friendly interface.
  • This platform also allows you to set different customer groups, for instance, retail, wholesale etc. and specify distinguished prices for each of them.
  • It also helps in amplifying business performance as it is search engine friendly.
  • OpenCart developers provide free of cost lifetime support and updates.
  • With a variety of modules, softwares and adds-ons available these days, it has become very easy to customize OpenCart.
How can EdTech help you?

EdTech offers effective OpenCart development services to help the clients in managing their e-commerce websites easily. We work meticulously with our clients so as to develop the best OpenCart e-commerce website that caters best to their needs.

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