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Do you know that businesses or brands who usually get one or two stars on websites lose a huge percentage of selling prospects? Sorry to say, all it takes is one unhappy customer to harmfully rupture your online reputation.
Although your company might be doing excellent in its area and serve services with honesty at all times, but you are still going to come across with an unhappy customer occasionally. Online reputation management is a part of digital marketing that which helps you deal with these stern feedbacks and remarks. So, if you want to manage or protect your brand’s online presence hire the best online reputation Management Company in Delhi
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Who does not like to have positive response and reviews? Even a single negative review about your company or your product can damage your online brand reputation. And if the bad reviews are becoming highly visible on Internet, they can easily hamper your chances of getting business. With our Premium ORM Services in Delhi, we remove all the negativity around your brand and post only positive remarks.

Online Reputation Repair

Our experts repair and reduce loss from negative comments by analysis on the main source of the review and make strategy to correct them.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Our experts work on your behalf to observe and aware you about new feedback or review (Positive/Negative), so you always know where you stand.

Online Reputation Management

Our experts also build and execute an automated procedure and program to attract new positive reviews. We believe in gaining reviews by natural ways.

Online Reputation Management FAQ

  • Can you fix incorrect information about my brand published on the Internet?
    Yes, we can certainly fix incorrect information about your brand. If the content is inappropriate, our experts submit legal removal request to Google. In case the material is published anywhere else, we try suppressing it by posting positive content. We also contact the website owner and request them to remove the content.
  • How to get rid of the correct content which is harmful for my business?
    Our first attempt is to get rid of the content with an effective and proven content strategy. Together with the proper use of SEO and social media platforms, we post new content to substantially diminish the placement of negative online content. But since the inappropriate content is correct, we advise you to own it and rectify your mistakes.
  • How do you use Social Media as a reputation management tool?
    Social Media plays an important role in maintaining and growing your online reputation. Our experts setup various tracking tools to ensure if the contents shared on these platforms reflect about you or your brand in a positive way or not. If find demeaning, we try to remove these contents as early as possible.
  • Will you completely eliminate all of the negative reviews on the Web?
    Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you that we will remove the negative reviews completely. It is nearly impossible to eliminate every negative review. All we can do is make a request to the author or the site owner to remove the negative information or use various strategies to suppress it.
  • How long will it take to get rid of the negative comment?
    Well, there is no fix time as such in which we can get rid of the negative comment. Depending on the authority of the 3rd party websites it might take several weeks or months. However, even after multiple attempts to resolve the issue you may see it persist for months or years.

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A single bad online review is enough to rupture your name, fame and brand. In such, if you don’t aware with the fact of ORM, then you are going to lose everything. These considerations will help you to clear your doubts.View ORM Faq's

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