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As per the CEO of LinkedIn, Dan Nye, the main idea behind LinkedIn was to expand ones professional network. Unlike other social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can't post any photo other than your profile picture or tag your friends in any post. It does not allow you to make friends instead it has a connection feature.

How can LinkedIn be used for Marketing?
  • Hiring Professionals for Vacancies- It is a great platform for hiring candidates who you think are the most suitable for your job. Many HR professionals are using it for the same.
  • Receiving Testimonials- It lets your clients write recommendations or testimonials for you. People can consider these reviews before using your products or services.
  • Making Connection with Related Professionals- Instead of sending people a friend request, you can send a connection request to them. And if the person like your profile or related to your industry, he might accept the request.
  • Reaching out to People- Unlike other social sites, LinkedIn tells you about the people who have visited your profile, which can lead you to meet new people.
What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing Services?
  • B2C Customers- Almost 50% of the companies get their customers directly from LinkedIn.
  • Lead Generation- LinkedIn is a great platform for generating potential leads.
  • Drive Traffic- Notably almost 40% of Social Traffic to a website come from LinkedIn.
What is Our LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?
  • Build a strong company Page- We create an impressive profile of your company to represents your brand.
  • Highlight your Product- We fill out the bio section of your profile in such a way that it tells all about your company and highlights your products.
  • Frequently update- By frequently posting new posts and contents we make sure that the account is active.
  • Join a LinkedIn group related to your industry- Being active in the groups related to your industry ensures that you are interacting with other industry experts and exchanging new trends.
  • Optimize Contents- We first optimize your contents before posting it on LinkedIn to make sure that the content is compelling and shows that you have a deep knowledge of the industry.
  • Ad Campaigns- We use its Ad services to sponsor some important updates or blogs so that it reaches wider audiences.
  • Monitor- Defining specific goals for measuring your success helps us in tracking the output of the effort we put in.
Why Choose e-Definers Technology for LinkedIn Marketing Services?

e-Definers Technology is a Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi specializing in providing LinkedIn Marketing Services to its clients. Our Social Media Experts design a LinkedIn campaign based on your company's identity, products and business goals. We use different strategies for different companies to help them get their desired results. We help you build connections with the industry experts for the growth of your company.

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