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Google Penguin Recovery Services in Delhi, India

Google Penguin Recovery Service helps you recover your website’s lost ranking and regain your business. Since Google penalises those sites that have spammy backlinks, SEO Experts remove those links from your website. They also work to build high authority and relevant links to your website.

What is Google Penguin Update?

It is a Search Engine Algorithm Update by Google which was launched in 2012. Through this update, a website's ranking may go down significantly if it has spammy or irrelevant backlinks from other sites. It mainly asks you to focus on building quality URLs instead of buying them. However instead of penalising the whole website, Google only punishes those pages with false links.

How do you know if Your Website is affected by Penguin?
  • Rank Drop- Once your site is affected by it, you'll see a notable drop in the ranking of your targeted keywords.
  • Less Traffic- It also results in a significant decrease in the organic traffic of your website.
  • Message from Webmaster- Google Webmaster also sends you messages regarding unnatural links.
  • Monitoring- We have a dedicated team who will monitor the performance of each posts and respond quickly on your behalf.
How do we help you recover?

At e-Definers Technology, a Top SEO Agency in Delhi, we have a proven set of strategies that can help your site recover from the Penalty. Our recovery process includes-

  • Auditing all the backlinks of the website.
  • Analysing the anchor texts of these links manually.
  • Filtering out all the spammy links
  • Removal of these Backlinks by contacting Webmaster
  • Uploading the Disavow.txt file for the URLs we could not remove.
  • Building quality links so that the site recovers quickly.
Why Choose e-Definers Technology for the Recovery Service?
  • Affordable Price- At Edtech, we charge a lot lesser than what our industry competitors are charging you for the same service. View e-Definers Technology's SEO Packages.
  • Results Driven Approach- We understand what you expect from us and we try to help you get rid of the penalty and help your business grow. View our SEO Case Study.
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