Global Search Engine Optimization services

Global SEO Services

It is the process of targeting international audiences by optimizing your website according to the language or the behaviour of your customers in that particular country or region. If you think that your product is in demand in other countries, then you should go for it.

Why do you need Global SEO Service?

As many as nearly 92% of today's Web users live outside India, and many of them speak languages other than English. Different countries use different Search Engines and different languages. If an SEO Company in Delhi that you've hired is targeting only Google and English language then it does not mean that your website will rank on top in other regions as well. Different Search Engines show different results when the same keyword is searched. This is where Global Search Engine Optimization helps you rank your website on those search engines.

What are the Benefits of going Global?
  • Reach out to International Clients.
  • Increase your product sales worldwide
  • Establish an International market
  • More website traffic

What is our Global Search Engine Optimization Strategy?

  • Identifying your Audience- First of all, Our SEO Experts identify your target audiences and study their geographic behaviour like their country, languages and other elements that can help us with some vital information about your customers.
  • International Keyword Analysis- The keywords that you are targeting locally are not going to work when you opt for International Search Engine Optimization. So we perform an extensive research on the search words that are being used to find your services and products in a particular region.
  • Choosing URL Structure- We then create search engine friendly URLs for your webpages by including your targeted keywords and domain names of the particular country that you are targeting.
  • Local Hosting- Apart from local domain, search engines also consider the IP address of your site to determine the local relevancy of your website. So we host your site on a local hosting server of the region.
  • SEO Activity- After having an idea of your targeted keywords and audiences, we perform basic as well as advance optimization activities which includes On-Page Optimization and Off-Page activity.
Why choose e-Definers Technology?

e-Definers Technology, being the Best SEO company in Delhi, makes sure that your website has a top rankings not only in India but in other countries also where your service is in demand. We help you build the best web presence of your site worldwide by forming an appropriate search engine optimization strategy for your business.

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