Digital Marketing Faqs

Digital Marketing is getting highly popular due to its tremendous growth. Businesses these days are realizing that it is the best channel to sell their products and services online. For all the small businesses to large ones, it is the best way to target the potential audience in a cost-effective and measurable manner.
However, Digital Marketing can be confusing sometimes. You might want to know what it is and how does it work. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers related to Digital Marketing that will surely help you understand Online Marketing a little better.
  • What digital marketing is?
    I first chose this term because a few of us don’t know what it is and what its importance is. Digital Marketing is like an umbrella where shafts are divided into different digital channels or tactics like - SEO, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, pay per click, Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing and Online PR.

  • Why Digital Marketing is important?
    Different from most offline marketing tools, digital marketing allows marketers to get exact results in exact time. If you have ever published an ad in a newspaper, you will observe that how difficult it is to know how many people actually saw and read to that page. There is no certain way to find out that ad was responsible for any sales at all. Alternatively, with digital marketing, you can analyze the ROI of almost any facet of your marketing efforts.

  • How would you categorize the digital marketing?
    The digital marketing is characterized into two parts - Inbound marketing and outbound marketing. In inbound marketing, you can get support of social media regarding content, e-books to get the utmost traffic on links. Whereas, outbound marketing encircling emails, cold calls, placing ads or reach out targeted audience via digital ways.

  • Explain what is PPC ad?
    Pay per click services is also called “cost per click”. It is a medium to get direct traffic to a website. In this technique, advertisers pay the publishers when the ad is clicked. In other words, it is an amount to be paid when the ad is clicked.

  • Explain Google Ad words?
    Google Adwords is one of the most popular PPC advertising systems that work under the model of PPC. It is a platform where Google Adwords allow businesses to create ads that appear in search engines and different online properties.

  • Can social media marketing truly help businesses?
    Yes, of course! It has been identified by business after business. In fact, not using SMM Services can really affect your business, since having an online presence on social media is just expected of any reputed firm these days.

  • What are the advantages of SMM for businesses?
    Well, your business is taking benefit of it or not, social media has always changed the way that consumers communicate with businesses and vice versa. Being approachable to your prospective clients through social media is an important part of building relationships with them and assisting them through the sales channel.

  • How should companies calculate their SMM achievement?
    Success can be calculated using the same techniques you use for any other marketing activity like – traffic, leads and others. Observing the growth score of followers make you understand your social media reach, but base line that decides its success is how many users it draws to your site, how many of them are useful leads and how many of them can turn your customer.

  • How much does SMM cost? What’s the ROI?
    One thing you should know that social media marketing is not free. Whether you spend your own valuable time on it, ask your friend to do it or hire a professional or outsource to an advertising firm, there is always a cost. The main thing is get the maximum ROI instead of time and money you put into it. However, ROI doesn’t mean revenue, but it meet other objectives like increasing - leads, email subscriptions or customer satisfaction.

  • Which social media platforms should a business use?
    Actually, there is not specific answer of it as you need to present wherever your customers are – different businesses have different audiences. Some customers spend most of their time on Facebook, while another engages on LinkedIn and some divide their time equally on more sites. Discover where your targeted audiences are and follow them there.

  • How should we use Facebook and Twitter for marketing?
    Facebook and Twitter is a great social media platform, which has over a billion users worldwide. Both are ideal to connect and interact with your audience. Share your content in an effective way to excite your fans to share it to their friends circle as well.

  • How should we use LinkedIn and Google+ for marketing?
    Can you believe it; LinkedIn has millions of users like Facebook and Twitter. It is a great platform to share your qualifications with the people in the world; more significantly, it is a perfect platform to connect with your audience online. Using LinkedIn, you can be a part of discussions to show your leadership as well as enthusiasm to help others kindly.
    However, Google+ started out appearing capable, but it soon became non-effective for marketing purposes.

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