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Payment gateway Integration Services

Payment gateway integration services simplify and secure your transactions. We facilitate end-to-end solutions, which give you, seem less incorporation of services. This service allows the user to make payment to the merchant directly from the website. It is an online version of a physical store which is called as the point of sale abbreviated as POS. It gives the opportunity to make a credit card, debit card, or any other electronic checks payments. Our E-commerce website development team build the site with this service, which allows customers to make financial payments comfortably.

Payment gateway generally asks your CVV (card verification value) or (address verification number) this provide security which prevents interfere of fraudulent. A payment gateway is so much convenient that one needs not to go to the physical store for payments of online goods.

Effectiveness of online payment gateway Integration

Following are some of the benefits of an online payment gateway which make the process safe and secure-

Credit card acceptance-
Payments using credit and debit card is emerging so online payment gateway uses batch upload features which submits multiple transactions in a single file and also verify swiftly and safely.

ACH Payments-
System Merchant accepts Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments through the online payment gateway. As banks are allowed for sending money back and forth. This system accepts different transaction such as business-to-business transaction, bill payment, and e-commerce website processing.

Frequent billing options-
This is the USP of online payment gateway integration. Recurring billing options for online payment customers get weekly or monthly payments directly sent to their inbox.

Processing is secure-
Payment gateway integration is in compliance reliable with PCI DSS standards. They keep customer data security and protection of heavy fees to merchants. Moreover, they facilitate in preventing risky results of compromised data.

Payment gateway integration becomes an inseparable part of e-commerce as it prevents fraud cases and has tools to keep a check on it.

Payment Gateway Integration Services By Edtech

Edtech payment gateway integration provides services keeping in view of your product, end-users, and the market. Our highly professional team can integrate whichever shopping cart solution you choose. We deal with all the problems related to integration from start to finish guaranteeing a smooth experience to you.

Our team of best e-commerce website designers & developers uses state of art integration to certify secure transactions. Leave your technicalities to us and enjoy superior e-commerce sale platform offering immediate processing of credit, debit card to your customers.

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