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Numerous work opportunities and career options are emerging for professionals as the IT industry develops. A .Net developer is a technical expert who develops, plans, and puts into use software applications based on dot.NET platform technology. The platform supports a variety of programming languages. However, a lot of dot net developers favor C# while creating applications. Instead of being restricted to only developing web or desktop applications, .NET developers now also have the responsibility of using Xamarin to build mobile applications. A dot net developer uses the C# programming language to construct apps for web browsers.

Become A Successful Dot.Net Developer With Edtech


The tech sector offers a wide range of chances, and among them, the position of.NET developer is one that is highly sought after by a variety of businesses. As a result, investing a few years in learning.NET technology will surely be a wise decision for your future. The advice provided above will enable you to take advantage of improved job chances in this profession as technology advances more quickly than in the past.–

  • dot net framework is widely used in many technological fields
  • It helps to build the app easily and more efficiently
  • It is the versatile programming language
  • It can be used to create various software tools
  • It has a high level of growth prospects in the future
  • Its certifications help you grab better career opportunities in this field





Learn by working on Hands-on Real Time Dot Net Projects+91 9999 051 533

Learn by working on Hands-on Real Time Dot Net Projects

One of the most popular and consistently popular programs for both young enthusiasts and seasoned experts aiming to establish a name for themselves in their field is Dot Net Advance Training in Delhi. You can Design & Build the Modern Web Application Architecture for a Better User Interface with the aid of this Comprehensive Dot Net Course. With hands-on classes led by Real Time Experts, learn how to troubleshoot and debug web applications as well as design and implement security.

  • Net Framework
  • C#
  • Classes & Objects
  • OOPS
  • Namespace
  • Arrays, Collections & Generics
  • File I/O and Streams
  • Remoting& Reflection
  • SQL Server
  • ADO.NET (Working with Database)
  • ASP.NET 4.0
  • Page Life Cycle
  • Web Form
  • Validation Controls
  • State Management
  • User Controls
  • Master Pages & Themes
  • Uploading Files
  • Handling Emails
  • ASP.NET Web Services
  • Deployment


Edtech as a leading dot Net advance institute in Delhi is committed to giving our students a top-notch education so they can succeed. We support students professionally and technically, which advances their career trajectory. Our institute has a 100% commitment to making you a confident individual through professional & technical training. Our main goal is to give the kids all the amenities in a healthy competitive environment.

Professional Training
Ourprofessionals are here to giveyou with an outstanding learning experience while giving wings to your technical skills thanks to their years of expertise.

Internship Program
We offer internships to our motivated students who have the potential and work ethic to succeed. You have the chance to add employment experience to your resumes at this time.

Placement Assistance
After our internship program, we assistour students for finding employment. Nobody can stop you from succeeding in your work after you have acquired the necessary skills & training.

Free Demo Class
You are more than welcome to attend our demo class, which will be taught by professionals, to clear up any questions you may have about our institute and learning opportunities.

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Our obligation is to educate. Our IT training courses in Delhi focus on teaching students how to perceive, read, and write complicated programming languages as well as how to program in them. Our skilled teachers strive to create learners who can successfully handle a range of development and programming difficulties during their normal employment tenure.

  • PHP
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DOT.NET has helped create a number of games, websites, and web services. Both large-scale and small-scale implementations employ this free, open-source framework that is independent of platforms. Because of its developer tools, programming languages, libraries, and extensive functionalities .NET is a preferred platform.
Dot Net Developer, Software Developer, Web Developer, Software Engineer, Dot Net Lead, Full Stack Developer, React Dot Net Developer, Dot Net with Angular Developer, SQL Developer, and Solutions Architect are just a few of the job profiles or jobs available..
Yes, you will get the chance to work on live projects during your course.
If you want to experiment and learn coding, Edtech is the best institute to learn the .NET. To profit from our course, enroll in it.
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